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What is lymphedema?

Lymphedema is the swelling, most often of the arm or leg. It occurs when fluid normally drained by the lymph vessels does not flow out of an arm or leg properly. It can occur following cancer treatment. Lymphedema can cause discomfort. It may cause clothes and jewelry to not fit well. It may also increase your risk for skin infections. If not treated, the arm or leg can become permanently swollen, hard, and heavy.

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Dr. Anshuman Manaswi

M.S. , D.N.B, M. Ch.
Established by Dr. Anshuman Manaswi (MBBS,MS,DNB, M.Ch), Who us a senior Plastic surgeon at Nanavati Hospital and Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, LYMPHEDEMA INDIA.COM is a unit of La-transformation’e Plastic Surgery Center, Mumbai. The dedicated COMPREHENSIVE LYMPHEDEMA MANAGEMENT CENTER, offers multimodal therapy in terms of Nonsurgical and Surgical treatments for all types of Lymphedema. It is one of the centers in the country headed by a plastic surgeon not by a Lymphedema therapist. It thus offers a holistic view to the problem and all types of treatment options are explored to help the patient fully. We have a team of physiotherapist and therapists for the lymphedema care, apart from the nursing staff to take care of any nursing requirements.

Patient's assessment

During the first consultation, we evaluate the patient and find the cause of lymphedema. We note if there are any complications arising due to Lymphedema, such as skin infection, final infection, bleeding, skin hardening and so on. The next step involves certain investigations if required, to understand the depth of the problem and sometimes to establish a diagnosis of lymphedema. Then the treatment is started with medicines (if required) and treatment specifically to lymphedema like manual lymphatic drainage and special bandaging of the lymphedema limb. Options of surgery is also discussed in cases where lymphedema can be helped by surgery.

Dr. Anshuman Manaswi is one of the pioneers of Lymphedema surgeries in the country. The surgical options range from Lymphatic venous shunt, Lymph node-venous shunt, Vascularized Lymph node transfer, liposuction and excisional procedures with skin grafting . A proper record of all patients is maintained with measurements charts to monitor to see the long term results. We try to be a one stop solution offering center for the patients suferring from Lymphedema.

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Post Breast Cancer surgery of lymphedema for more than 4 yrs of duration, treated with Vascularasied Lympnode transfer.
by Dr. Anshuman Manaswi

Lymphedema Results

of Leg / Hand Swelling

Latransformatione' Lymphedema Treatment

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Lymphedema Treatment & Care

Lymphedema is swelling of skin and underlying structures below the skin, due to accumulation of a fluid called LYMPH. LYMPH is a special type of fluid which arises due to metabolism in the body.

Lymphedema explained by Dr. Anshuman Manaswi

What is Lymphedema? What are the causes and Symptoms of the Lymphedema? Lymphedema can get Cured. All these these things are explained by Dr. Anshuman Manaswi.
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"My sister childe ankit salunke he was having elephant deases. he was having maximum 18inc Brody leg. Because of Dr. Manaswi sir it's better than before he is progressing . Many doctors said that it will be not proper but only Dr.manaswi sir said it will be proper we really thank full to her"
Ajay Salunke
"To my great relief, the treatment has worked wonders in controlling the swelling until now and there is also a ray of hope that the swelling can be controlled with an operation. While we consider that, i would like to thank Dr Ansuman Manaswi for his valuable treatments and suggestions"
Rajesh Madhani
"I had seeked consultation and treatment by many doctors; however to no respite. There was a perpetual swelling i had to live with Lymphedema Last September I got the cellulitis condition. I consulted with Dr Ansuman Manaswi, Nice experience. Feeling better."
Rani Jesuja
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