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"My sister childe ankit salunke he was having elephant deases. he was having maximum 18inc Brody leg. Because of Dr. Manaswi sir it's better than before he is progressing . Many doctors said that it will be not proper but only Dr.manaswi sir said it will be proper we really thank full to her"
Ajay Salunke
"To my great relief, the treatment has worked wonders in controlling the swelling until now and there is also a ray of hope that the swelling can be controlled with an operation. While we consider that, i would like to thank Dr Ansuman Manaswi for his valuable treatments and suggestions"
Rajesh Madhani
"I had seeked consultation and treatment by many doctors; however to no respite. There was a perpetual swelling i had to live with Lymphedema Last September I got the cellulitis condition. I consulted with Dr Ansuman Manaswi, Nice experience. Feeling better."
Rani Jesuja
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